1. What have you learned as a result of the career project? I have learned that my opportunities in the future are highly dependent on what I put online and that a majority of those in my age group do not have professional footprints on the internet. In today’s competitive field, every advantage I can […]

Over the last week or so I have continued to develop my skills in public speaking and improvisation. On not one, but two occasions, I had present in front of a group of people even when I was completely unaware of this fact before. I talked in front of several members of an emerging 1:1 […]

To be honest, the last ILE post was nothing more than a placeholder. I thought of the first thing that came to my mind rather than the one quest I truly wanted to pursue. Thankfully, I found the next objective for this semester. Amit and I will be creating a scouting app for our robotics […]

It was just an average Tuesday. I walked into school, but only when I reached I remembered something that was forgotten. It was Lab Day in AP Chemistry. It was time once again to prevent that source of error that ruined our data every week–too bad it was usually a different source every week. After […]

This post will comment and reflect on this  article: http://www.engadget.com/2014/03/13/mit-soft-robotic-fish/#continued Robotics technology and robots in general, like those from Boston Dynamics, have evolved to be capable of complex movement and closer to real-life applications all the time, and this fish robot is an excellent example of this fact. With CO2 powering the movement, the fish is […]

This week I had to deal with the pressure of handling two projects at the same time. Not only was I supposed to deal with the 3D printer post-project (a business card holder), but I was to make the DigCit logo. It was wonderful having to complete both projects at the same time, but thankfully […]

For my second semester ILE, I have chosen to increase my trivia knowledge in preparation for Factathalon, the school’s own trivia game show. I will use the app QuizUp to practice different topics everyday and will upload the results to this blog. Maybe afterwards I will pull statistics from my games to show whether they […]